Born in Blue

   “Born in Blue” is an illustrated body of work by Loan Chabanol, the actress and artist who starred in the recent Camille Delamarre's The Transporter Refueled.  Chabanol emerged in John Turturro's Fading Gigolo, playing alongside Woody Allen and Sam in Third Person, a film written and directed by Paul Haggis, with James Franco and Mila Kunis.  This incredible body of artistic work includes otherworldly mystical creatures who share a great desire to break free and liberate their souls. These creatures are all connected by the very things that inspire us all... Finding love, love of self and finding one’s place in the world. The mystical creatures are all very connected to the earth with different degrees of awareness, the physical aspects of each character morphs and changes as each being develops a desire to transform. The exhibition was produced by CTM Sisters Productions, Curators for a Cause (CFAC) and Loanimation. The exhibition is on view from September 26-27 at Lightbox at 339 West 38th St.    


 “Born in Blue” is an illustrated body of work by Loan Chabanol, the actress and artist who starred in the recent Camille Delamarre's The Transporter Refueled.  Chabanol emerged in John Turturro's Fading Gigolo, playing alongside Woody Allen and Sam in Third Person, a film written and directed by Paul Haggis, with James Franco and Mila Kunis. 

This incredible body of artistic work includes otherworldly mystical creatures who share a great desire to break free and liberate their souls. These creatures are all connected by the very things that inspire us all... Finding love, love of self and finding one’s place in the world. The mystical creatures are all very connected to the earth with different degrees of awareness, the physical aspects of each character morphs and changes as each being develops a desire to transform. The exhibition was produced by CTM Sisters Productions, Curators for a Cause (CFAC) and Loanimation.

The exhibition is on view from September 26-27 at Lightbox at 339 West 38th St.  


Electronic Forest Soundscapes

Lightbox is pleased to work with Artist David Purpur on an immersive sound installation on view to the public on August 28th and 29th.   You walk into one of David Purpur’s Electronic Forest Soundscapes and you feel that it’s strangely familiar, but also that you’re in a new place. He describes his way of Creating Music as being more like Painting than scoring music

Sounds of Wind, Water, Dragonflies... Gentle monochrome waveforms dance on the walls, wood and stone objects mirror long Arches of Organic Electronic Sounds that welcome the listener into a unique immersive experience. 

WHAT IS THIS? The Artist invites you to take in the elements of the exhibit and give your own unique answer. Is it Music? Is it Noise? Is it something else? 

Music Not Music, an installation by David Purpur, is open to the public on Saturday, August 29th from 12pm to 7pm at Lightbox, 339 West 38th Street. 

The ART @ Viacom

The media giant, Viacom, is combining  art and technology at their NYC Times Square headquarters. Besides their two main jumbotrons (Viacom and MTV), Viacom has transformed its lobby for the second time as a site for artists to create sensory exhibitions. Their first artist in early 2015, Rebecca Louise Law, hung thousands of flowers attached to wires above the main entrance. The piece allowed viewers to feel transported in the middle of winter as they experienced the aromatic transition of the flowers, from a thick floral smell to  potpourri as they dried.

Rebecca Louise Law "Outside In" 

Crystal Wagner’s current installation harnesses the excess of its exterior location, in the heart of Times Square, through the manipulation of just two types of material; chicken wire and party tablecloths. Wagner’s larger than life art creates an experience for the viewer as they walk down an otherwise ordinary hallway. The kitsch objects Wagner chooses to create her  experience with can be related to Viacom’s own practices. As a cable and media network conglomerate, Viacom must face TV being viewed through traditional platforms is becoming an outdated experience and networks must find new ways to bring life into tv and especially its viewing process. Viacom’s strategy to feature artists whose creations are based on the merging of technology and art in the heart of the digital jungle that is Times Square is gaining notice amongst New Yorkers and tourists.

Viacom is leveraging its in house creative team and the power of digital video by creating amazing content for their artist series. Catalyst, Viacom’s creative agency has made multiple videos of the project, from go-pro timelapses to interviews with Wagner which give her art an added dimension as she explain her creative process, or lack thereof.

This expansive installation based art piece will be shown to the public not only in their offices but on digital screens both in the building and on the jumbotron in Times Square. Wagner’s physical installation will remain in the Viacom offices until the end of the summer.


Here are some videos created by Catalyst and images of Wagner’s installation piece:

Viacom's Lobby
Smaller versions of Wagner's art 

Smaller versions of Wagner's art 

Details of Wagner's art

Details of Wagner's art

#loveison for Revlon at Times Square

In April 2015, if you walked through Times Square, just blocks from Lightbox, you may have noticed a crowd gathering under one of the iconic digital billboards. At first blush, you see a couple flirting on screen, perhaps on their way to a first kiss. As the couple dissipates the crowd realizes that they are the subject of this "Spring Valentine."  With just a drawn heart and a hashtag #loveison, the crowd begins to buzz and pose and photograph. Then a countdown begins, 3, 2, 1! Flash!  The folks who made it inside the heart are shown on the screen and only then is the company behind this nifty image capture, projection campaign revealed: Revlon, the $2bn, 85 year old American cosmetic giant. 


The campaign works because it draws customers minute after minute capturing a chunk of the over 350,000 daily visitors to the NYC plaza. It also feel authentic as it puts a smile on most everyone's face. The brand does not overwhelm, and is only unveiled after the experience which to most customers feels incredibly innovative, new and personal.

What we would have added was to enhance the social media amplification. While the hashtag #loveison is central on the screens, the creators did not carry it through and make it easy for consumers to receive or post their photos. We would have added a call such as "text XXXX or email to receive the photo." Then create a @loveison handle and a campaign page to post all of the photos on both Instagram and Facebook for participants to find their photos. These posts would have added 40,000 posts and thousands of shares to complement the  22,000 instagrams using the tag. 

All-in-all, despite some end of campaign social media missteps, we give a thumbs up to this clever Revlon campaign that managed to stand out even amongst the hundreds of flashing billboards and street performers in Times Square. 

The Headphone Rat Race

Last year, Dr. Dre sold his Beats headphones to Apple for a whopping $3 billion, garnering him the title, “First Billionaire Rapper.” Ever since, a number of headphones have hit the market in an effort to compete against Dre when it comes to amazing sound quality, unrivaled artist design, and big name celebrity endorsements.

Master & Dynamic makes a splash as it recently partnered with industrial designer Steffan Kehrle, producing an all-metal piece of equipment that not only boasts functionality, but looks incredibly sleek and luxurious. Master & Dynamic headphones transform from a personal listening device to a music-sharing speaker and are designed with replaceable stainless steel pieces, ensuring a device that will last.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent recently declared that he wants to be the “Adidas of headphones.” Focusing little on celebrity advertising and more on corporate partnerships, 50 Cent’s headphone company SMS Audio seeks a sportier niche by providing a durable design with washable covers, a detachable cable with a built-on controllers, and a small sport towel. Additionally, In honor of “May the Fourth Be With You,” they recently released a line of Star Wars inspired headphones.

 As the headphone market creates a new sphere for technology and design, we will continue to see companies and moguls like Bose and Jay-Z try and make their mark. 

Let There Be Light! LED Technology Enters New Territory

First we had candlelight, then light bulbs, and now virtual LED lit skies with healing powers and beyond. LED lighting’s flexible design that uses 80 percent less power than halogen or incandescent lights, has fostered an uprising in innovative light technologies. First and foremost, LED products are looking to make people healthier and more productive. There have been a multitude of studies concluding the positive impact of natural light in the office space; researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO recently developed a new kind of workspace. LED virtual sky panels that are light-laced modules mimicking the sky look to replace regular ceiling panels.



Following this theme, Ann Arbor based company Arborlight is working to perfect their Lightwell “daylight simulator” technology. Lightwell emulates daylight by syncing with the sun’s cycle through modes of changing color, intensity, and direction. Big time players like Philips have invested ample resources into LED. Philips is working to bring psoriasis light treatment inside the house instead of the hospital, and recently introduced a blue-light-emitting poultice that relieves muscle pain. LED wallpaper, used beautifully by German industrial designer Ingo Maurer, may quickly replace painted walls as it provides an unprecedented ambiance to a room – allowing for changing colors of glowing warmth. Lighting has forever altered the design of a room; now LED technology such as lit-up lashes - designed by Soomi Park – enters the wearable space, potentially revolutionizing fashion. 

At Lightbox, we also saw that our space and events would benefit in quality and long term-cost by  replacing all of our fluorescent lights with LED lighting. We are working with one the most innovative European lighting companies, Nordeon, a company born out of Philips. Come back in May to Lightbox to see the upgraded LED lights! 

-Teddy Lamont

Other Myths: Jonah Bokaer

Bokaer turned to mythology from other cultures, partly because abstract dance in the United States and Western Europe has resisted the use of mythology in recent decades - often effacing cultures whose story-telling remains marginal, or under-represented. The five dancers have intermittently worked with Bokaer for two years, to cultivate the stories from their regions, into one unified work. The music is by Soundwalk Collective. Sounds from the Black Sea were recorded by Soundwalk's members, and used to design an atmospheric portrait of Southeastern Europe - including radio frequencies in many languages. Dancers will include Evin Hadžialjević, Katharina Illnar, Zoltán Grecsó, Szabi Pataki, Karolina Šuša, all making their United States début.

This program is generously supported by an award from the Trust for Mutual Understanding, with additional support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary, the Ballasi Institute – Hungarian Cultural Center in New York, with production support by Chez Bushwick, and Lightbox. The work of Jonah Bokaer in New York City is also subsidized by the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs.

Other Myths was created through a cooperation of Ludwig Múzeum of Budapest and Pro-Progressione in Hungary. The program was part of Beyond Front@: Bridging New Territories project supported by the European Commission. For box office, sales or media inquires please contact Laure at 


 © Livio Deponte


3D Printers Changing the Future?

This week, New York hosts the 4th annual 3D Print show - bringing in key players from the industry to interact and introduce the public to the future of 3D printing in design, medicine, architecture, aerospace, and automobiles. 

3D printing technology has existed for more than 30 years, but has only recently revolutionized the tech design sphere thanks to companies like Stratasys, MakerBot, and Mcor Technologies who have expanded to large scale manufacturing as well as lowered costs, bringing 3D printers inside the home. So, how is something like a donut printed? A 3D design is created from a computer file or scan, and using a powder, plastic, ceramic, or metal, the printer spits out a number of successive layers of material until the object is fully formed. Instead of focusing on the daunting prospect of 3D printed guns, there are many life-altering 3D printed objects introduced every month.

At the 2013 London Print Show, Fripp Design & Research unveiled their alternative to handcrafted prosthetics, which are incredibly lifelike and easily reproduced at a cheaper cost. NASA and XYZprinting invest in 3D printers to make food, such as Pizza and Chocolate, allowing for a 30-year shelf life. Design firm in-flexions introduced a living space that’s completely digitally printed, called the “printed habitat.” Meanwhile, there is an entire fashion show dedicated to 3D printed designs featuring artists such as Aaron Trocola, Andy O’Mara, Bradley Rothenberg, Dilek Sezen, Francis Bitonti, Heidi Lee, Helena Lukasova + Denisa Nova, Holy Faya, Liz Ciokajlo, Paul Redmond, and Rachel Nhan.

Companies like MakerBot and Shapeways are also changing the future of events with photo booths and interior design products. Makerbot, witnessing the rise in photo booths at events and retail stores, recently introduced a 3-D photo booth that creates a replica of participant’s heads. Meanwhile, Shapeways’ online marketplace allows users to upload images of products such as centerpieces, vases, and party favors to be 3D printed and mailed to them.  As 3D printing becomes more advanced and efficient by reducing prototyping and manufacturing costs, imaginations run wild as we enter this golden age of 3D products.

-Teddy Lamont

The Clinton Foundation 20/30

March 24th—On March 24th more than 200 emerging leaders came together at Lightbox to experience the Clinton Foundation’s 20/30 No Ceiling data visualization and groundbreaking #NotThere Campaign. The Clinton Foundation 20/30 empowers a network of emerging leaders to build a better world. The happy hour featured an extensive view of global data and stories on the status of women and girls over the last twenty years.

CMMPR: La Roche Rosay Launch

February 13th—L’Oreal presented their newest product by La Roche Rosay. Presenters welcomed bloggers and editors to talk about their newest award winning anthelios sunscreen.

NYFW: Carrie Hammer

February 12th—Carrie Hammer was the highlight of this February’s Fashion Week- as for the first time in fashion week history, a woman with down syndrome had the opportunity to walk down the runway under the mantra, “Role Model, Not Runway Model.” American Horror Story Actree, Jamie Brewer, also enjoyed wearing an amazing dress alongside other powerful women including Gail Beck from Edelman Pr, Shiza Shahid - founder of Malala fund and many more Role Models. 

#nyfw #carriehammer #rolemodelsnotrunwaymodels #americanhorrorstory #lightbx

Two Year Anniversary of Vine

January 22nd— Vine hosted its two year anniversary at Lightbox with guest Vine star Jerome Jarre and amazing music by DJ Ariella.

#vine #anniversary #jeromejarre #djariella #lightbx

Spike Lee: Da Sweet Blood of Jesus

January 13th— A soundtrack listening party of Da Sweet Blood of Jesus was hosted by Vimeo at Lightbox, enjoying a night of Spike Lee encouraging guests to take part in the music.

DDtR: Dance Dance Tech Revolution


January 8th—Lightbox’s inaugural experiment in experiential socializing is a weekend long immersive digital dance experience. DDtR features an art grass installation by Chaney Trotter, pop-up performances by Marlon Taylor Wiles and Mary John Frank, social meditation with Biet Simkin, and a collection of yoga, dance, and psychupuncture classes.

#ddtr #techrevolution #lightbx #experiential

The Future of Cars is in Design & Tech

Auto companies display their best new car designs at the New York International Auto Show beginning April 3rd, and this year new car technology is the dominant theme. Will automakers keep up with tech firms like Apple and Google who have entered the auto game? Companies like Lincoln, Bentley, Audi, and Land Rover are making a splash with their own cutting edge design features. The buzz words of the year is semi-autonomous as companies like Lincoln, Tesla and BMW unveil new improvements to the technology for automated parallel parking and cruise control providing a small glimpse into a future of driverless cars. 

The Lincoln Continental garnered buzz after unveiling their new concept that focuses on new technology. They recently held a pop-up press launch at Harman’s flagship store on Madison Ave. in an effort to align itself with tech corporations. Hoping for a facelift, the Continental boasts E-Latch handles that open door with the press of a button, and an SPD SmartGlass® tinting sunroof, which allows passengers to control heat from direct sunlight. Marc Lichte, Head of Audi Design, presents the Prologue concept car that reimagines the driving experience; it is equipped with a virtual cockpit that has high-resolution, displays and three mirrors, which generate a virtual stage on three levels. Tech designers at Jaguar Land Rover transform the entire windshield into smart glass screen with laser projected augmented reality in order to provide more detailed navigation. While these automakers seek to compete with modern tech innovation, Bentley wishes to maintain its classic aesthetic as it invests in the highest quality wood and 3D-printed steel and copper.

-Teddy Lamont

UNICEF NextGen Holi-day Brunch





The holiday season continued at Lightbox with the UNICEF Next Generation Holi-day brunch hosted by Nell Diamond, Jenna Bush, Manish Vora, Danielle Abraham, Leila Ladjevardian, Sterling McDavid, Christina Conrad and the NextGen New York Steering Committee. UNICEF’s Next Generation is a group of young leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators who commit their resources, resolve and enthusiasm toward supporting UNICEF’s lifesaving work. Since its launch in 2009, NextGen has raised over $4 million for UNICEF programs and has grown to include Steering Committees in Los Angeles, Chicago and a nationwide membership program. 

La Cheesecakerie  and The Wayfarer NYC provided delicious food for the brunch that was accompanied by amazing Veev cocktails and good vibes from DJ Sabrina Burda of SBND, making it a great holiday afternoon at Lightbox.

It's the Season of Benefits at Lightbox!




Chez Bushwick, Inc. warmed up a cold New York week by hosting a glowing benefit at lightbox on November 17th with performances by Jonah Bokaer, Merce Cunningham, Robert Wilson, Yoko Ono, Eija Liisa Ahtila and live jazz music by renowned pianist Mark Berman. Lightbox was glad to welcome Jonah back after a previous performance in collaboration with Daniel Arsham that took place at Lighbox earlier this season. The evening was the perfect event to reflect Chez Bushwick’s mission of fostering the development, research, and presentation of new performance works across disciplines.

Slideluck’s annual fundraiser on November 19th proved to be an amazing event all around. The evening started off with delicious cocktails and was followed by an exquisite dinner and auction by Paddle 8. The night, honoring artist Hank Willis Thomas, closed with a cocktail and dance reception surrounded by artistic works and photos from Slideluck’s numerous gatherings around the world, really speaking to the organization’s aim to cultivate creative communities and provide opportunities for Slideluck Youth Inititative students worldwide in 2015. Hank’s mother, Deborah Willis, presented a beautiful 3-D printed sculpture created by artist Ashley Zelinskie. Other artists included Allen Ying, Bryan Derballa, Casey Kelbaugh, Chris Hadfield, Christian Rex, Van Minnen, Domingo Zapata, Frances F. Denny, Henry Hargreaves, John Gordon Gauld, Jon Lowenstein, Lala Abaddon, Landon Nordeman, Louri Podladtchikov, Rachel Rossin, Richard Renaldi, Ricky Powell, Ruvan Wijesooriya, Shepard Fairey, SWOON, Tobias Waite, Wyatt Gallery, Z Behl, and Zoe Buckman.

Rotating structure from the Guggenheim’sZero: Countdown to Tomorrow, 1950s-1960s” exhibit. The exposition centers on experimental works by the german artist group Zero during a time of much transformation in the shadows of war. #Guggenheim #Zero #Installation #ArtTech #Experimental #German #NouveauRealisme

Football Sundays at Lightbox


Great vibes, good cocktails, and amazing food from Harlow on Sunday, as Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey and Thrillist came together to host #LifeisaTailgate at Lightbox for the Jets vs. Steelers and the Giants vs. Seahawstopped by for the afternoon’s activities.  #nfl #footballsundays #tailgateit games. Retired Giants running back, Tiki Barber, stopped by for the afternoon’s activities. #tailgateit #nfl #lifeisatailgate #jackdaniels #footballsunday