Let There Be Light! LED Technology Enters New Territory

First we had candlelight, then light bulbs, and now virtual LED lit skies with healing powers and beyond. LED lighting’s flexible design that uses 80 percent less power than halogen or incandescent lights, has fostered an uprising in innovative light technologies. First and foremost, LED products are looking to make people healthier and more productive. There have been a multitude of studies concluding the positive impact of natural light in the office space; researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO recently developed a new kind of workspace. LED virtual sky panels that are light-laced modules mimicking the sky look to replace regular ceiling panels.



Following this theme, Ann Arbor based company Arborlight is working to perfect their Lightwell “daylight simulator” technology. Lightwell emulates daylight by syncing with the sun’s cycle through modes of changing color, intensity, and direction. Big time players like Philips have invested ample resources into LED. Philips is working to bring psoriasis light treatment inside the house instead of the hospital, and recently introduced a blue-light-emitting poultice that relieves muscle pain. LED wallpaper, used beautifully by German industrial designer Ingo Maurer, may quickly replace painted walls as it provides an unprecedented ambiance to a room – allowing for changing colors of glowing warmth. Lighting has forever altered the design of a room; now LED technology such as lit-up lashes - designed by Soomi Park – enters the wearable space, potentially revolutionizing fashion. 

At Lightbox, we also saw that our space and events would benefit in quality and long term-cost by  replacing all of our fluorescent lights with LED lighting. We are working with one the most innovative European lighting companies, Nordeon, a company born out of Philips. Come back in May to Lightbox to see the upgraded LED lights! 

-Teddy Lamont