The Headphone Rat Race

Last year, Dr. Dre sold his Beats headphones to Apple for a whopping $3 billion, garnering him the title, “First Billionaire Rapper.” Ever since, a number of headphones have hit the market in an effort to compete against Dre when it comes to amazing sound quality, unrivaled artist design, and big name celebrity endorsements.

Master & Dynamic makes a splash as it recently partnered with industrial designer Steffan Kehrle, producing an all-metal piece of equipment that not only boasts functionality, but looks incredibly sleek and luxurious. Master & Dynamic headphones transform from a personal listening device to a music-sharing speaker and are designed with replaceable stainless steel pieces, ensuring a device that will last.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent recently declared that he wants to be the “Adidas of headphones.” Focusing little on celebrity advertising and more on corporate partnerships, 50 Cent’s headphone company SMS Audio seeks a sportier niche by providing a durable design with washable covers, a detachable cable with a built-on controllers, and a small sport towel. Additionally, In honor of “May the Fourth Be With You,” they recently released a line of Star Wars inspired headphones.

 As the headphone market creates a new sphere for technology and design, we will continue to see companies and moguls like Bose and Jay-Z try and make their mark.