#loveison for Revlon at Times Square

In April 2015, if you walked through Times Square, just blocks from Lightbox, you may have noticed a crowd gathering under one of the iconic digital billboards. At first blush, you see a couple flirting on screen, perhaps on their way to a first kiss. As the couple dissipates the crowd realizes that they are the subject of this "Spring Valentine."  With just a drawn heart and a hashtag #loveison, the crowd begins to buzz and pose and photograph. Then a countdown begins, 3, 2, 1! Flash!  The folks who made it inside the heart are shown on the screen and only then is the company behind this nifty image capture, projection campaign revealed: Revlon, the $2bn, 85 year old American cosmetic giant. 


The campaign works because it draws customers minute after minute capturing a chunk of the over 350,000 daily visitors to the NYC plaza. It also feel authentic as it puts a smile on most everyone's face. The brand does not overwhelm, and is only unveiled after the experience which to most customers feels incredibly innovative, new and personal.

What we would have added was to enhance the social media amplification. While the hashtag #loveison is central on the screens, the creators did not carry it through and make it easy for consumers to receive or post their photos. We would have added a call such as "text XXXX or email to receive the photo." Then create a @loveison handle and a campaign page to post all of the photos on both Instagram and Facebook for participants to find their photos. These posts would have added 40,000 posts and thousands of shares to complement the  22,000 instagrams using the tag. 

All-in-all, despite some end of campaign social media missteps, we give a thumbs up to this clever Revlon campaign that managed to stand out even amongst the hundreds of flashing billboards and street performers in Times Square.