The Future of Cars is in Design & Tech

Auto companies display their best new car designs at the New York International Auto Show beginning April 3rd, and this year new car technology is the dominant theme. Will automakers keep up with tech firms like Apple and Google who have entered the auto game? Companies like Lincoln, Bentley, Audi, and Land Rover are making a splash with their own cutting edge design features. The buzz words of the year is semi-autonomous as companies like Lincoln, Tesla and BMW unveil new improvements to the technology for automated parallel parking and cruise control providing a small glimpse into a future of driverless cars. 

The Lincoln Continental garnered buzz after unveiling their new concept that focuses on new technology. They recently held a pop-up press launch at Harman’s flagship store on Madison Ave. in an effort to align itself with tech corporations. Hoping for a facelift, the Continental boasts E-Latch handles that open door with the press of a button, and an SPD SmartGlass® tinting sunroof, which allows passengers to control heat from direct sunlight. Marc Lichte, Head of Audi Design, presents the Prologue concept car that reimagines the driving experience; it is equipped with a virtual cockpit that has high-resolution, displays and three mirrors, which generate a virtual stage on three levels. Tech designers at Jaguar Land Rover transform the entire windshield into smart glass screen with laser projected augmented reality in order to provide more detailed navigation. While these automakers seek to compete with modern tech innovation, Bentley wishes to maintain its classic aesthetic as it invests in the highest quality wood and 3D-printed steel and copper.

-Teddy Lamont