Whirld Wind Creative created this great 7mins time-lapse of last week’s 7x10 event at Lightbox

We are all multi media artists. In our daily lives, we are constantly creating, sharing, and collaborating through technology. In this spirit, we have asked 7 creators from a range of fields to join us for an evening of digital experimentation. Each creator presented a 10-minute multi media experience at Lightbox, our immersive digital art space.

The creators at 7x10:

Alex Mustonen, Snarkitecture

Sherry Dobbin, Public Art, Times Square

Manish Vora, Kate Haveles & Bianca Hirschowitz, ARTLOG

Justin Munoz, Lightbox 

Pari Ehsan and Jason Gringler

Neil Harbisson, Moon Ribas, John Fitzgerald & Matthew Niederhasuer, Cyborg Futures

David Lackey, Whirlwind Creative