As supporters of the arts community and enthusiasts of new technology, we have launched Lightbox Lab to provide digital and new media artists with a purpose-built platform that can be utilized to build new products and introduce new content to our Lightbox space, thus showcasing innovative work to our community of artists, influencers and brand clients.

We are now taking applications for any artists / creators who are interested in working with us on this program from  August 2017 through October 2017.

After a selection process, the top applicants will receive:

  • $1,500 grant to  build new work (a mix of digital and / or physical)

  • Access to Lightbox's physical space 2 days a week.

  • 3 months to build your project

  • 1 gala / launch party hosted by Lightbox Lab and an opportunity to showcase the work to the public

  • 2 weekends of gallery-style showcasing of the work

  • A piece of the exhibition becomes a permanent installation at Lightbox

The project will be led and curated by Hayden Blackmon, our Tech Wizard at Lightbox.

We welcome applicants to propose a project based on anything from content creation, to sound / light installation, to virtual reality, augmented reality, culinary etc.

Please find the application form here


We look forward to receiving your proposal. Please include a note about your background, why you are interested in working with us, and any other relevant information you'd like us to review.

Your Lightbox Lab team