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11 Mar 2019

5 Animators to Follow on Instagram

3D Animation is taking social media by storm, with hypnotic visuals that one could watch for hours. From focusing on stunning color palettes to intricate movements, here are 5 artists whose work you’ll be happy to see on your feed.

1. Frank J Guzzone (@fjg_3d)

Art director and designer Frank Guzzone has been sharing his 3D animations on Instagram since 2016.

Having worked as a product designer and artistic director, Guizzone now creates videos and images for a wide range of brands such as Perrier, Addidas, and Apple.

With bright designs and bubbly textures, the Brooklyn artist has a knack for producing truly eye-catching work.

2. Trung Bao (@tbaocreate)

Visual artist Trung Bao has an electric feed of 3D work. Bao has collaborated with several musicians, including producing visuals for his own work as a beatboxer.

Pairing his work with music, Bao offers dazzling audio-visual experiences for users:

“A lot of time I use software to visualize my ideas that I would not be able to draw, and put them in motion”

3. Gustavo Torres (@kidmograph)

Argentina-based visual artist Gustavo Torres uses multi-disciplinary work to compose mesmerizing videos and images. Using illustration, 3D, and 4D among other skills, Torres is constantly expanding his work.

Like Bao, Torres combines many of his videos with music that matches perfectly. Tagging his posts with #chill and #lofi, Torres provides the ultimate “chill-tech” digital exhibition.

4. Clara Luzian (@render_fruit)

3D artist and director Clara Luzian combines visuals that often match real-life experiences and emotions. Usually using the human body as inspiration, Luzian documents experimenting with new technologies to produce her work.

Recently, Luzian has begun to showcase new animations inspired by music and poems.

5. Hayden Zezula (@zolloc)

Hayden Zezula, a 3D artist and previous Decode Experiential panelist, has been sharing his loops on Instagram since 2015.

Using 3D figures and a bright yet calming color palette, Zezula’s has worked with MTV, Adidas and HBO among others.

Regarding his Instagram, Zezula explains “I want it to be my own kind of world, with the things I’m happy about.”