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22 Apr 2019

Earth Day Report: How Lightbox is Keeping it Green

In the events world (and especially in NYC), it’s not always easy to be eco-friendly. However, at Lightbox, we understand the importance of taking care of our environment and want to continue to improve our eco-friendly practices. Here are some simple tips that we use to minimize waste and keep our Earth healthy:

Ditching Plastic Straws-

Plastic straws contribute to the estimated eight million tons of plastic that flow into the oceans each year. By switching to paper straws, this reduces the amount of single-use plastic consumption.

Recycle + Sort Through Trash

On top of making sure we recycle, we also understand the importance of sorting through our trash and making sure we’re recycling correctly. While it’s easy to throw something in the recycling bin and forget about it, it’s important to be conscious of what materials are going in the trash and recycling, and making sure that they do not get mixed up (which ultimately contributes to more waste).

Buying in Bulk

Restocking our items in bulk is not only convenient, but it helps to reduce our carbon footprint. Buying in bulk helps to limit product packaging, cuts down on transportation, and makes it even easier to sort through trash and recycling.

As we continue to learn about how we can protect our environment, we are excited to try out new practices and improve the current ones we have in place. These are small changes, but over time they can make a big difference!