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09 Jul 2019

July Moodboard: 5 New Media Artists to Check out this Month

Summer is in full swing, but if you’re stuck indoors it can be hard to get into a bright, energetic mood. Luckily these digital artists have you covered; from neon color palettes to surreal landscapes, these are the top digital artists to check out this month:

Sam Cannon

Sam Cannon is an artist and director based in NYC. Sam uses placid backdrops and hypnotizing movements to create perfect dreamy and summery images.

Eugene Sharpe

Eugene Sharpe is a digital artist from the U.K. Eugene uses flashes of color and bright, blurred textures that make his page the ultimate neon zen space.

Rueben Wu

Musician, artist and photographer Ruben Wu is a pro at producing mesmerizing pictures. Using bold strokes of light against scenic outdoor backdrops, Rueben’s images evoke out-of-this-world adventures.

Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama is a pioneer in experiential and immersive art. Her playful polkadot “infinity rooms” can inspire creativity and fun through just the pictures alone!

Fanny Pápay

Fanny Pápay is a digital artist based in Budapest. Mixing 80s surrealism with futuristic digital trends, her work brings a touch of summer nostalgia.

We hope these give you some summer inspo (or at least add a little color to your feed)! Be sure to check out more inspiring artists on our blog and our IG page!