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02 Oct 2019

Interview: In Conversation with Neon Moon Lights

Featured image via @neonmoonlights

Sisters Rachel and Vanessa Goldgrub share a talent for curating eye-popping neon art on Instagram. They turned their passion into a business, now selling sustainable LED lights on their website neonmoonlights.com. We got to chat with them about their curation process, how their work has expanded and advice they have for other entrepreneurs in the arts:

Tell us a bit about your work and what you do:

R: Hello, my name is Rachel and with my twin sister, Vanessa, we own and created neon moon lights. Our company brings a warm colourful aesthetic to people homes through LED lights.

V: We started as curators on our Instagram page, @neonmoonlights, posting images of all things lights from neon signs, light installations, and personal photography. We have grown from creating an Instagram community and to starting and running a business as we saw a demand for affordable light art in the home.

As curators, what are some of the main things you look for in an image? 

V: It’s more of a creative process rather than looking for certain aspects of an image. We plan our feed about a week or two in advance. We collect images that pertain to the colour that we are currently showing on our feed and images that have the next colour we want to showcase, we also look for images that combined those two colours. From there, we organize the images to create an organic transition through the colour spectrum.

R: The biggest time commitment is trying to find original sources, as images on the internet get shared endlessly, that information will sometimes get lost but we use Google’s Image Reverse Search tool.

How would you say your curation has evolved since you started your page?  

V: The process has gotten easier and my eye for understanding how the colours will blend together with the current feed. Additionally, we have built a following and our community is extremely helpful in sending and tagging us in photos.

R: They have gotten quite good at guessing what colour will be next! So this helps a lot!

After sharing your favourite works on Instagram, you two decided to branch out and start your own business. What was that process like, and do you have any advice you would give to other entrepreneurs in the arts?  

R: Starting our own business has been extremely tough but so rewarding! We have learned so much in the past year by trial and error. We see every hiccup as a learning opportunity and the process has gotten smoother. The best advice we have to give is just to do it. There’s never a great time, the business plan doesn’t feel complete but you just have to take the plunge and start! Also, don’t expect to see your initial investment come back right away. Companies need time to grow, and it will with hard work and dedication.

Is there a particular artist who inspires you, or whose work you’re excited about?

V: Dan Flavin and James Turrell are our all-time favourite. They are the godfathers of light installations. Every time we see an image of theirs we just become so transfixed, their work really takes you into a different realm.