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28 Apr 2020

In Conversation with Jeewon Park

Read below for our Q&A with digital artist Jeewon Park. You can follow Jeewon on Instagram (@zeewipark)
or check out her work here.

You describe yourself as a digital manipulation artist, could you tell us more about what digital manipulation is and how you came to use this medium?  

I combine pictures and edit them to create one single composition manipulating shapes, colours and lights. Everything started when I bought my current iPhone and started taking pictures and editing them on it. I used to make simple edits from mobile apps then switched to Photoshop on desktop.

As a self-taught artist, what would you say is the hardest part of your creative process?

As I don’t follow any particular rules, finding the right balance and harmony in the composition can be hard sometimes. Maybe perspective is one of those technical parts that I’ve been trying to work on and improve.

What is the key for the feeling of calmness and peace that your work gives off? Would you say it is more linked to photography or digital creation?

I’d say both. If the photo doesn’t inspire any of that feeling and I cannot visualize anything from it, it can be difficult to achieve that feeling of calmness and peace. I believe this kind of feeling can be experienced easily in nature or in our daily life by anyone, all I do is try to grasp that feeling and enhance it through the creative process. It’s as if I was trying to reproduce the memory of a feeling I had in the past, or sometimes just something that is upcoming and still needs to be experienced.

Did you have to change your creative process since the quarantine started? Are you taking a new approach into re-inventing things that inspire you?

Nothing has really changed in the process. But as I am not able to travel over this spring, as I had originally planned, I am trying to make my daily surroundings a new source of inspiration. I think it will be a great opportunity for me to re-invent the things that inspire me and find new ones.

A lot of digital artists today use a bunch of different softwares and high-tech cameras, however you decided to stick with an iPhone 6s and photoshop only. Could you tell us more about that?

Last year I bought a Sony compact camera to take higher quality pictures. I started creating using the tools that were accessible to me then, and I guess I just kept things as they were at the start without feeling the need to use something else, except for the camera I bought only last year. But I’m always willing to explore new tools (such as video editing softwares) and I might start using them a bit more.