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22 Sep 2020

Interview: In Conversation with WILLPOWER

Artist WILLPOWER next to neon red, triangular Light Installation, create

We spoke with artist WILLPOWER about what inspires him to create art and how he moves through different mediums. You can follow Will on Instagram @willpowerstudios and check out his website here.

Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do:

I am WILLPOWER, a Universal Being. I am here on earth doing what I love. I live to create. I follow my heart and live my purpose.

I create interactive installations and immersive performances to unite humanity in its diversity. Love is possible. When we share our love with one another, we help, heal, nurture, support, excite, motivate and inspire each other.

I code in Arduino, openFrameworks, Processing and sometimes in javascript. I work with DIY open-source frameworks and electronics. I create and use sensors to make sound, light and visuals controllable through human movement and interaction. I work with spaces to harness the dynamic energy they encapsulate.

Your work involves a number of different elements including Architecture, Music, and Creative Coding. When working on a new project, where do you start?

I start with the context in which the project will live. It is often the space/architecture… I let it guide my imagination. It is a back and forth between the two. I hand draw quick sketches which sometimes become detailed vectorized 2D illustrations or 3D simulations. For the wearable work, I start by looking how the body moves, to guide the influx of visualizations. I also envision how my ideas will look up close, from a distance and how humans will interact in the space and experience the performance, which is not only driven by stimulating audiovisuals, but also content that makes us question our existence and what we are doing here on earth, with our life, consciousness and energy. I am continuously creating mood boards on various social media apps.

Unity and Interconnectedness show as major themes in what you create. What is it like watching viewers interact with your art and explore these themes for themselves?

Yes, since my earliest memories, I never understood why humans were not united… Why were people separating themselves from others for reasons that too me were limiting… It was obvious from my view, that we were all here together. I was shocked that people looked at others in a negative light simply for their genetics, culture, social status/class, beliefs… I still don’t understand it but I see it all around. I also see open-hearted people everywhere who are full of love. Nearly everyday, someone asks me where I am from… I tell them that I am from where they are from. That I am them and they are me. We are pure consciousness having a physical experience. They often look puzzled… So while I am puzzled by their understanding, they are puzzled by mine. This dynamic is fascinating to me. I love using art to share what I see, in case it can touch a heart and awaken something magical within. The important thing for me is to inspire courage and faith. I see what I go through in my personal life, and it inspires me because others are also having parallel challenges… Sometimes, we just need to be reminded of something we already know deep down, which can ignite our will to not give up on our dreams.

Watching viewers interact with the art, being co-creators of it in real time, teaches me about the human heart. It shows me how important it is for us to be immersed in spaces that take us to new possibilities. I also find that such environments dissolve perceived differences. Playfulness is my goal, because in this process, we loose ourselves and disconnect from everyday social contexts. This allows a heart opening to occur… People who would not have met otherwise start co-creating sounds, visuals and lights together in wonder and fun. In these moments, we do not know the belief system that a person we are having the experience with has. It lifts veils of separation. With all the division in terms of information spread in the media, I find it now more important than ever, to create spaces where we connect with one another…  Triggering our imagination to envision new possibilities.

As adults, us especially need to play to balance other aspects of life. Kids have a lot of fun. I see how it creates a tangible magical experience for them.

Your work is already incredibly futuristic, but can you envision how it might look 5 years from now? 10 years from now?

I can, but I like to envision for the year rather than 5 years ahead… I avoid looking that far because I am afraid to miss something that I do not see yet, which may reveal itself through the process… I am a very in the moment person, open to changes.

Frankly, I have so many ideas, I don’t know where to start… I see a deep spiritual connection to who we are beyond the physical plane. I see us amplifying and activating clairvoyance, as well as telepathic abilities. As our energetic field amplifies through meditation practices, pranayama and other modalities, we start transcending what we thought our human body was able to do. This in conjunction with higher levels of coding and engineering holds potentials I am excited to step into.

Are there any artists whose work inspires you/you’re really excited about?

I am inspired by people who help people.
I am inspired by people who speak their truth, especially when they know others will attack them for their views and call them names. They still express themselves openly because it is their perspective. Freedom of speech is for me, an essential aspect to being a free human on earth. This is why I pay close attention to censorship and the control of information. I listen to people with very different views then I do because I love hearing the multitude of ways life can be seen. It is a fascinating time. I’m looking at how AI / 5G / IOT / Transhumanism / Robotics will be implemented and for what purposes. Will it free or enslave us ?
This will inspire what I create in the future.

In terms of artists, I am very inspired by Michela Pelusio’s work, although I have not seen it live yet, only on social media.