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Tag Archive: art and technology

  1. Digital Art in 2018: Our Favorite Moments

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    Last year, we got to see some developments in the contemporary art world. From groundbreaking experiential art exhibitions to thought-provoking audio-visual showcases, there’s a lot to be excited about for the year ahead. Here are our 5 favorite art moments from 2018:

    1) IG + 3D: Zolloc

    (IG photo credits: @zolloc)

    From Austin TX, artist Hayden Zezula (known on instagram as “Zolloc”) showcases fascinating animations. Pairing a bright, pastel palette with soothing textures and movement, Zezula creates mesmerizing video animations shared through his social media. Look out for Zezula at Lightbox, who will be talking to us about his work at our Decode Experiential event on January 14th.

    2) TeamLab Borderless Exhibition

    (IG photo creds: @samsmith)

    With over 1 million visitors within the first 5 months of opening, the MORI Building Digital Art Museum’s collaborative museum in Tokyo displays stunning immersive projections. The different artworks combine to create “one borderless world”. From glittering strings of lights to flowing neon projections, TeamLab has continued to attract A-List visitors including Bella Hadid, The Weekend and Sam Smith.

    3) Atelier des Lumieres

    (IG photo credits: @psychology_of_art)

    Opened in June of 2018, Paris’s first digital museum featured Viennese art projected throughout their 3,300 metre surface area. Displaying works from artist such as Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele, and Friedrich Stowasser, the museum pairs the projections with classical music from Wagner, Chopin and Beethoven to create the ultimate multisensory experience. 

    4) Turner Prize 2018

    (IG photo credits: @sohoeditors)

    In 2018, all of the artists featured in Britain’s Turner Prize Show worked with a digital art medium. Tackling societal issues such as human rights, decolonization, queer identity and social inequality through film, the Turner presented a thought-provoking digital showcase. Digital artists include Forensic Architecture, Naeem Mohaiemen, Luke Willis Thompson, and Charlotte Prodger (winner).

    5) Digital Art vs AI

    (Photo credits https://www.arebyte.com/lawrence-lek/)

    Kode9 and artist Lawrence Lek debuted their immersive art experience Nøtel that tackles the future of artificial intelligence. London visitors were placed in the multisensory dystopian environment that explored themes of humanity, capitalism and virtual reality.

  2. Events | CARE & Cargill 10 Year Anniversary

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    What happens when you country hop for 10 years straight to make the world a better place? CARE & Cargill stopped by our space to share their stories from around the world in celebration of their long term partnership where they exist globally and impact locally. Thanks to our HD projection mapping technology and other customizable digital features, guests were immersed in an audio and visual experience that had us traveling to far off places without having to pack a suitcase. Scroll through to see what you missed.


  3. Interview | In Conversation with CHiKA

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    Meet CHiKA, a Japanese-born, New York based artist and New Media Resident at Mana Contemporary known for her LED lights, live video projections, and interactive works. Exhibited at numerous international venues and festivals, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the American Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Art and Design and more, CHiKA’s take on the experiential art space stands out amongst the masses making her minimalist geometric pieces love at first light.

    We recently sat down with the artist to discuss her take on art and technology, invisible and visible lights, her newest residency with Future Lab at New York’s School of Visual Arts, and and her upcoming CultureHub LED Mappathon™ workshop. Read on to see why CHiKA is one to watch. 

    Galaxy, LED Light Installation, 2017 @ Elsewhere. Brooklyn (image c/o CHiKA)

    Lightbox: We like what you do. Tell us a little bit about your work and how you create it…

    CHiKA: I play with Japanese homophones as a concept. Words have the same pronunciation but different meanings. For example, “EN” at the Bronx Museum means Circle ( 円 ), Connection ( 縁 ), and Feast ( 宴 ). “SEI05” at The New York Hall of Science means Star ( 星 ), Silent ( 静 ), Live  ( 生 ).

    All these meanings are hidden in the title of my artwork and help create a structure that gives meaning for co-creation with the public using the latest technology.

    After coming up with a concept, I make a little goal and keep on creating and testing until just before the show starts. I love to find solutions and challenge.

    L: What inspires your artistry?

    C: I’m inspired by the invisible and visible, lights, shapes, sound in darkness, and co-creation with my public.

    L: Did you always know you wanted to be an artist? 

    C: Yes, I always want to be an artist.

    SEI03, LED light installation with Sound, 2015 (image c/o CHiKA)

    L: What comes first? Art or technology?

    C: I do not think of art and technology separately. I process my creation with art and tech together. No separation. Technology helps to reveal invisibility with the audience, which excites me very much.

    L: So what’s next?

    C: I am very excited to be in the Future Lab Residency program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City next January. I will be researching and making new ways to fabricate my artwork. I also want a challenge to create installations without a computer. Simple on-and-off analog light work with new fabrication structures, prints, and video work.

    I am also a founder of Mappathon™ and my LED Mappathon™ workshop at CultureHub is coming up on November 17th-18th. Students will learn basic knowledge of Projection Mapping technology to map Digital LED lights. Find out more information about the upcoming workshop here.

    EN04 INTERACTIVE LED Light Installation with Dound, 2017 (image c/o CHiKA)

    Like what you see? Follow the artist on instagram @_imagima.

    Featured image credit: SEI05 – 2018 Interactive LED Lights Installation (image c/o CHiKA from the New York Hall of Science Museum)