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Lightbox launches next-generation consumer experiences in purpose built, dynamic spaces. As an experience incubator, Lightbox provides resources and the foundational landscape for brands and creators alike.


Lightbox is an experience incubator and hi-tech space in New York City, producing the next generation of experiential. We use our multi-level venue, equipped with 360-degree projection technology, as a hub for innovation in brand storytelling, New Media Art, and event production. Since 2013, Lightbox has worked with 500+ companies to create experiences that blur the lines between digital and physical. Lightbox is currently presenting Game of 1000 Boxes, New York City’s first-ever live game show experience.

A Purpose Built Space

Located in Midtown, Manhattan, Lightbox’s venue is equipped with multi-level, state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, HD projection mapping technology, and other customizable digital features. These components collectively make up the DNA of Lightbox as a leading destination for experiential activations of the future.

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